Keynote Presentations

The workplace is tough, there are constant deadlines, demands to be met and money to be gained. Employees must feel valued, respected and motivated in order to bring about positive work with less risk of burnout.

Keynote presentations can have an empowering effect on your employees. Mark has been at the forefront of his sport for many years and continues to be so. He is able to offer presentations that emphasise the key moments in his journey from an aspiring youngster to a 3 time world representative. All presentations also offer those in attendance with fundamental psychological skills and techniques that may make a difference in the way they approach their work and day to day activities.

Mark can also package together whole day workshops and tailor content to organisational needs.

Mark's current list of Keynote presentations are listed below:

Centering Yourself:
This Keynote at its core has its focus on personal goals and pursuits to ultimately be ready for when the opportune moment arises. You will also learn in a practical sense how to manage nerves and bring about best performance.

Trust Me, I'm No Expert... :

This Keynote focuses on Mark's professional and sporting career so far, current observations and reflections whilst driving home the important message of humility. You will learn strategies in regards to communication and building your presence within the workplace.

20 Years... Still Going:

Have you ever had a major goal / life aspiration that you actively worked towards almost every day for 20 years? Did you have to pay to do this goal? Pay time, money and energy? Endure pain, injuries and defeats? What about during periods of being devalued and unsupported? Now... have you ever achieved 95% of that goal? This keynote discusses Mark's athletic pursuits, his journey and ultimately the resiliency one must have to aspire.


Prices are given upon application. For more information contact us directly.

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