Assessment Services including: Autism, Intelligence and Adaptive Functioning

Assessment services aim to capture a snapshot of one's development. It may aid in diagnostic reliability and serve as a baseline for treatment. More specific strategies and recommendations may also be implemented for integration in the home, school or workplace environments.

Winning Edge Psychology generally allows 2 hours for an assessment to be completed, this time may vary depending on the individual and depending on the assessments being used.

The fees associated with Assessment services are price on enquiry. The current list of Assessments available include:

Intelligectual Functioning: WPPSI IV, WISC V, WAIS IV

Austism Spectrum Disorder: ADOS 2, CARS 2

Adaptive Functioning: ABAS 3

Achievement Testing: WIAT III

All Assessments include an interpretive report with individualised recommendations.

These services are mostly privately funded however a partial rebate may be eligible in some circumstances. You will need to discuss this with your GP or Private Health Fund.

Assessment Services may also be needed as part of your NDIS plan and can be funded via your Disability funds. This may be an important component of one's plan review or initial diagnosis for consideration of one's needs.